Thank you so much for this submission!!!


It’s gonna be one of those days. Thanks, Tumblr.


Hate. So much hate.

WHY IS THIS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW. I need to upload some good photos :(

Send me some asks or photos ;) While I wait I’ll be on youtube looking for good links to post.

I had to delete all maiesio friends from it due to privacy concerns(I don’t live alone and I don’t live in a room that has a door). So I made one that I can use on my phone when I’m out and about. Add me on it and tell me who your are and that you came from here :) 


Xoxo Xion

caseylee182: Yes I'm from PA send me a message I will respond to confirm it's me xi I feel you are family btw 

Awww, I feel like this whole community is my family now :)

caseylee182: Hey xi long time no talk sweet New pics btw I had asked u a while ago about what u wear for your period I hope I didn't offend you I was just curious anyway you posted bout kinks mine is pregnant peeling and meiso of course basicly vaginal 

I could have sworn I gave you an answer for that and gave you my skype. Tumblr is really disappointing me lately. Maybe check your inbox? Sometimes I don’t get the 1 by it when I have a new message. So I just click on it and there are new messages. 


So send me asks. Send me any type of ask:
Ask me things,
Tell me how you feel about me
Make me blush
Send me pick up lines
Send me nsfw stuff
What would you do if we dated or you owned me for 24 hours
Confess to me
What give things would you use to summon me with
What type of anime/manga character am I?
Ask me personal questions like my height, birthday, etc.
Ask me anything.


I really like his pubic hair style.
I’ve tried it this summer, but my girlfriend wasn’t a fan.

I woke up to check my computer. My stats fro today are at a low of 24….my average is 163-214 views a day. Guess today being sunday must have put a kinkin my blog plans today. 

I just really wanted to tell you guys that I love y’all and you are the best followers a person could have. I try my best to make sure you guys get good content and hopefully more posts in the future that are up to par. You guys mean the world to me. This community is one of the best. And I couldn’t feel more welcome into the maiesiophilia crowd.

Xoxo Xion


Preggo watching woman give birth.. Lol

I’ll be doing that if I ever get pregnant

Please send some photos in for me. I’m having a hard time pulling up photos that I haven’t already posted. And I’m on my phone. My blog shows up at the top. It would be much appreciated dearies. Thank you. Any submissions :)

Xoxo Xion



Oh how right you are my dear. How right you are ;)