I will say this once, and once only, I am very open minded about fetishes and sexual orientation, and just about anything in general, but I am NOT for or okay with animal and human torture. The same goes for child pornography. Yes there is a fine line between bdsm and torture, but graphic pictures of dead bodies and mutilation of innocent souls for the enjoyment of it is wrong. And if you have a blog that condones and has posts of such torture or child pornography, and I see you like or reblog anything on here, I will block you and report you. Now, get the FUCK OFF MY BLOG.

Hello! I’m Tamy, and I’m one of two brand spankin’ new mods (I’ve yet to meet our third partner). I’m new to helping run a bigger blog, but I expect it’ll be pretty fun, and pretty smooth once we’ve got our communication established!

Tumblr has made it needlessly complicated for members of blogs to handle blog business among themselves- I assume since I can’t customize the blog I also won’t have access to the ask box. You can direct specific questions by adding “To: Xion/Tamy” at the beginning of your message, and we’ll be able to answer them accordingly.

A couple things we’re looking at adding, and hoping to get the ball rolling on quickly:

  • Navigation Page so you can find what you want to oogle faster
  • New Theme for easier readability and neater formatting
  • Tagging System with content warnings (kinky spaces can be safe too)
  • Sourcing Posts
  • Outside (Kink) Resources

Also we’ll be introducing new fandom-y content, bits at a time. We definitely still want to keep it in the BDSM vein, so don’t worry about that angle disappearing! So, keep checking back as we start updating, and thank y’all for having me here.

Ah, I almost forgot to mention, you can hit me up at my personal blog with questions/comments/concerns until we our askbox situation sorted.

I have found two lovely souls to help me run this blog again, they’ll be on here in a while ;) . Still don’t know what happened to Mouse. Guess I’ll never know.

I really fucking love this. Except the incest part.

Okay so I messaged Mouse on Facebook. And it almost seems as if I was blocked by her. But I can still see her profile and stuff. But I’m not allowed to message her? Her membership is also gone from here. So I’m a little confused about all this and I’m wondering has anyone heard from her in the past few months? I haven’t in a long time and I can’t figure out if she has just gone missing or decided to leave the blog by blocking me instead of telling me. Some insight would be great?

Xoxo Xion.

UPDATE** I know her account isn’t deleted because I can see her on my other facebook and the one i can;t message her from. I can literally see everything on both accept I cannot message her. 

Anonymous: Xion, I read your story about how you shared your fetish with your boyfriend. I was thinking of sharing mine aswell, but with my girlfriend. The only problem is I'm terrified she'll think I'm crazy. Or think that the only reason I have this fetish is because I'm trans, and can't actually get her pregnant... 

Oh wow, I can’t even remember when I posted it. I’m glad you have found someone you think will accept you. Because when I tried telling my previous boyfriend it just didn’t work out. Honestly hon I’ve noticed, most people, if they are open minded about sexual orientation, they will accept this fetish. Here’s what I suggest if you’re not ready to just come out about it yet. Put feelers out and maybe have a conversation about “some people like the preggo thing’? Or ask her what her take on it is without mentioning your fetish. There is something I want you to realize though, even if you do tell her and she is accepting of it, it can get weird sometimes. I always have in the back of my head “oh god does he think I’m thinking about this when we have sex” or my boyfriend will try to please me with certain gestures related to this fetish and while it does arouse me, it embarrasses me because I know it’s not his fetish. 

Xoxo Xion

My name on it is Xion Maiesio send me a message or request so we can chat. Tumblrs system sucks. 

I can’t keep up with anymore, I log on maybe once a week, and if I had another person to help me run it I might get on more often, someone PLEASE volunteer to be a member. I am begging you guys. Out of 1,033 followers someone has to answer right? You can post whatever you want fetish or kinky wise, but some maiseio stuff would be nice and I will direct asks to you if you would like. 

If you have a kik, fetlife, or skype please hit me up. 

Anonymous: Hey xion just wanted to send some love and support hope things get better 

Thanks so much, I’m glad to know I have some awesome followers, things have been getting better. Pretty soon I’ll be up and running again xoxo Xion